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>Our Giants

> This may be heading us deep into trivia territory, but it might give the world an idea of the iconic status that Tim enjoys in New Zealand. Big new winery opened in Havelock North in 2003, big open air … Continue reading

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>No, not Alvin Lee. Not Arthur Lee, either. ALBERT Lee….

>“When St. Peter asks me to chronicle the highlights of my time down here on earth, I’ll be able to say (with pride, if that’s allowed) that for a while I played rhythm guitar in a band with Albert Lee.”Emmylou … Continue reading

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>Joni @ The Beeb Part 2

>So here’s Part 2 (24.9MB 56:00) of “Come in from the cold – The return of Joni Mitchell”, courtesy of the folks at Rogue Amoebaand again with thanks to Croz. To whose semi-collaborative Monday Mix you should definitely listen. And … Continue reading

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>The Midweek Mixtape – 28 March 2007

>At this stage, I hadn’t really seriously worked on a concept (apart from Guess Who binding Mix & Match #1 with Mix and Match #2. Duh.) OK – the “Cocaine” link between Jackson Browne and JJ Cale.But not really a … Continue reading

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>John Peel @ Bayern 2

>John Peel has been instrumental in providing exquisite entertainment, expanding my musical horizons and driving me down the slippery slope to insolvency for going on for 40 years. He still does. Just happened to be listening to Bayern 2 – … Continue reading

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>Don’t ask me (about Eläkeläiset) – #1

>This is what you get from indiscriminately listening to music all day long. I wouldn’t have it any other way…. The band is Eläkeläiset. They’re Finnish. They play Humppa – somewhere between jazz and a very fast foxtrot, 2 beats … Continue reading

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>Do you sprechen Denglish… ?

>The parliamentary caucus of Germany’s Conservative Party met in Berlin this week to kick off an initiative to highlight the encroachment of Anglicisms into German everyday life. Superwash, for example. It was held in the Presselounge and it was announced … Continue reading

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>Bob, meet Walther. Walther, meet Bob…

>This was one of 2006’s more unusual – and better – musical events. Heike Makatsch, reformed Viva (local MTV competitor) VJ, sometime companion of Daniel Craig and actress of mild renown (“Love, actually”) reads Bob Dylan and Walther von der … Continue reading

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>Payback time

>Croz over at Patrick is a constant source of enjoyment. Not only do he provide a constant stream of TTRH, you’ll also find wondrous mix of classical music, links to the New Yorker, gardening videos and sources for blank … Continue reading

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>The Midweek Mixtape – 21 March 2007

>Blame Croz for this one. Jefito too, for that matter. These truly are mix tapes: facsimiles of the C90s I’ve still got in the loft, digitized from the original and cleaned up a bit. (And occasionally a clean version substituted) … Continue reading

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