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Bet you wish you had a PM like ours….

Almost 5 days post hate crime massacre & NZ has: • hosted vigils across the country • raised around $9 million for victims families & the muslim community • civilians handing in own weapons to be destroyed • NZ banks … Continue reading

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How did a part-time cleaner find herself running a 400-person volunteering effort to help people affected by the Nelson fire?

Like most of Nelson, Saxton Field is a dustbowl. The vast sports fields look not just depleted, but angry. The grass is an aggressive orange hue; loose, dry grass and dirt whips along when hit with a strong gust, and … Continue reading

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Them tea towel flag blues

That nice Mr Key He do hate that Union Jack Yeah that nice Mr Key He just loath that Union Jack Goes for tea with the Queen Ain’t never getting invited back Jenny Shipley she do hate that colonial flag … Continue reading

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Think how dim….

   …the average person is and then realise that 50% are even dimmer. They’re people Pak’n’Save targets Prepacked, imported,  $6.29 a pack.  Or $12.58 per kg…..

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John Key’s in Davos. CNN picked up that euthanasia is a current topic of discussion and asked him for his position. “Akshully, at the end of the day, we should be looking out for kids in Nyazilnd first” Embarrassingly, they … Continue reading

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Help wanted

Wine’s so bloody expensive in New Zealand that I’ve been forced to start buying in bulk. Good that the cuzzies are fronting up on Boxing Day, but we’ll still need a few thirsties to bowl it by New Year when … Continue reading

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Here’s a little extra awesome….

We’ve noticed you haven’t been using your mobile for a while, so we’ve moved your Vodafone mobile xxx xxx xxxxx to a better value Prepay plan called FreebeeTalk. This plan now gives you cheaper calling rates and a massive free … Continue reading

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