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The Avis scam

This post was originally to let off steam about an obvious attempt to palm me off an obviously damaged car and later ping me for the repair bill. It’s since developed into a running commentary on what appears to be … Continue reading

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Them tea towel flag blues

That nice Mr Key He do hate that Union Jack Yeah that nice Mr Key He just loath that Union Jack Goes for tea with the Queen Ain’t never getting invited back Jenny Shipley she do hate that colonial flag … Continue reading

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I’m not sure….

….if this is REALLY in the spirit of organics and sustainabiity and stuff. Individually wrapped kumara (sweet potato)? In plastic?

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Whole Foods is schizophrenic

They have a cool sign like this in their Portland, Maine store. But then they ID me for beer. I point out that I’ve been 21 since halfway through the last century and it’s blatantly obvious if they’d just LOOK … Continue reading

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Drives me up the bloody wall…

I do most of my banking via a local outfit that’s pretty good if you get hold of clued up people. (Jennifer Grübel is clued up)   Get a phone call in June telling me that I need to migrate … Continue reading

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Bloody artists……

They drive you round the twist! I collect ceramics, do the marketing for a ceramics fair and design and manage websites for potters I like, a lot of it pro bono This is what you’re up against. Part One Offered … Continue reading

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This is a con……

If you want to fly Air New Zealand from San Francisco to Auckland in mid February i.e. after the school holidays have finished, you’ll find some great deals. They even say so themselves. Try and select a seat, though, and … Continue reading

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