Shouting at the……..


….TV (or wireless…er…radio…) is what we geriatrics do quite frequently.

Yesterday I starting shouting at the windscreen.

Driving from the east coast to Birmingham on the A14 – cruise control set at 70 mph – and I slow down at a 50mph sign.

Just behind it (and adjacent to an area of significantly degraded tarmac) was a supplementary sign saying:


It wouldn’t have been too bad if I’d just THOUGHT it, but I blurted (yelled, actually..)

“ALL speed limits are for safety reasons, YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. That’s why you have them. And you don’t need an extra fucking SIGN to tell me that…!”

I trust you’ll all agree….


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2 Responses to Shouting at the……..

  1. Kate says:

    Yup, a full-fledged curmudgeon!

  2. nathalie says:

    Good one!

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