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I’m not sure….

….if this is REALLY in the spirit of organics and sustainabiity and stuff. Individually wrapped kumara (sweet potato)? In plastic?

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Think how dim….

   …the average person is and then realise that 50% are even dimmer. They’re people Pak’n’Save targets Prepacked, imported,  $6.29 a pack.  Or $12.58 per kg…..

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Microsoft, you are SO bloody useless…..

Finally see the light and migrate from XP to Windows 8.1 (€120 in Germany vs $200 in the USA, strangely enough…). Localise it with the English language pack and….immediately get confronted with a welcome screen in …….German. Better still, all … Continue reading

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Those clever people who run FIFA….

The Onion, a satirical website, ran a story last week about the DoJ indictments and the FIFA executive being panicked into bringing the games forward (by 3 years…) to start on 27 May 2015 and be hosted by the USA … Continue reading

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When it comes to the Bundesliga…

   ..the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung doesn’t know shit. They got #1 and #18 right (Bayern to win, Paderborn – just promoted – for relegation…..duh), but were SO far off with the rest. Especially Mainz 05. Thank goodness….

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I don’t believe in global warming……

…it’s snowing where I live

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How about……

If you haven’t got the money, DON’T FILL UP. If you can’t pay, we’ll tow your car, drain the fuel (OUR fuel) and you’ll have to find $150 to get your car back. No matter what your sob story, it’s … Continue reading

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