Those clever people who run FIFA….

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The Onion, a satirical website, ran a story last week about the DoJ indictments and the FIFA executive being panicked into bringing the games forward (by 3 years…) to start on 27 May 2015 and be hosted by the USA (who were leading Germany 12:0 after 3 minutes, having been awarded 12 penalties.

Jack Warner, ex-FIFA vice-president, thought it was real, saying in a rambling 8 minute (now deleted) clip on YouTube while holding a print-out of the article

“….Then I look to see that Fifa has frantically announced, 2015, this year […] the World Cup, beginning May 27. If Fifa is so bad, why is it that the USA wants to keep the Fifa World Cup?”

Will they convict this guy?

Not a chance.

He can plead insanity and they’ll believe him….

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