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The Avis scam

This post was originally to let off steam about an obvious attempt to palm me off an obviously damaged car and later ping me for the repair bill. It’s since developed into a running commentary on what appears to be … Continue reading

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Reasons people pulled the trigger in April 2016

• I had been carrying a concealed gun all day (for which I have a permit), but then when I got home and picked up a toddler the gun was uncomfortable in my waistband, so I tried to remove it. … Continue reading

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I’m not sure….

….if this is REALLY in the spirit of organics and sustainabiity and stuff. Individually wrapped kumara (sweet potato)? In plastic?

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Why the USPS will die.

The US Federal Gummint sent me a cheque (they call it a “check”, but anyway..) a while back in compensation for TSA wilfulling damaging stuff during their security checks. Local bank wanted pretty much the face value to process it, … Continue reading

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Microsoft, you are SO bloody useless…..

Finally see the light and migrate from XP to Windows 8.1 (€120 in Germany vs $200 in the USA, strangely enough…). Localise it with the English language pack and….immediately get confronted with a welcome screen in …….German. Better still, all … Continue reading

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Those clever people who run FIFA….

The Onion, a satirical website, ran a story last week about the DoJ indictments and the FIFA executive being panicked into bringing the games forward (by 3 years…) to start on 27 May 2015 and be hosted by the USA … Continue reading

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Someone described this as….

“It sounds like she’s falling off a building” True, that…

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