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ObamaCare – Evil socialist stuff

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Ebola reporting: UK vs US

You know what’s coming, right….

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I do it differently…

I look at what I’d like to drink and then work back to what I should be doing. Doesn’t work out with IPAs, though, so I just say “Fuck it” and drink one anyway…

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You look armless enough…..

…why don’t you fly the airplane…” You really couldn’t make this up….. Pilot lost control of plane when artificial arm became detached Flybe has instigated a number of extra safety checks after one of its pilots lost control of a … Continue reading

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Landon Donovan, he got the purple mohawk…

  America, meet your truest soccer fans “What did you think when you saw Landon Donovan bite the other player” “We’ll, he’s hot, so I didn’t care”

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Here’s a little extra awesome….

We’ve noticed you haven’t been using your mobile for a while, so we’ve moved your Vodafone mobile xxx xxx xxxxx to a better value Prepay plan called FreebeeTalk. This plan now gives you cheaper calling rates and a massive free … Continue reading

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“Prices are like chewing gum…

Once they’re stuck to the floor, it’s difficult to get them off” In a previous life, I did revenue management and pricing for airlines(rather successfully, by all accounts, given that Air New Zealand once offered me a senior role in … Continue reading

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This is America

This is the official medal standing table for Sochi This is how the Americans see itThey reckon that 2nd and 3rd placings i.e. losers count as much as winning an event. “Can’t be behind Canada – let’s manipulate the data” … Continue reading

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Posterolateral myocardial WHAT…..?

This friend of mine  – as my mate Houghton is wont to say – has been having trouble with his ticker. Occasionally got sudden chest pains that extended to his arm, shoulder-blade and neck. Looked it up on the interwebs … Continue reading

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So what ELSE is scripted on American TV……?

State-controlled media anyone…?

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