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The total area of solar panels it would take to power the world, Europe, and Germany

Unfortunately, it appears that you can only grow sunshine in the same shithole countries that grow oil and hold the rest of us to ransom….

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“Prices are like chewing gum…

Once they’re stuck to the floor, it’s difficult to get them off” In a previous life, I did revenue management and pricing for airlines(rather successfully, by all accounts, given that Air New Zealand once offered me a senior role in … Continue reading

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GFC revisited

German law requires that owners keep the rental deposit for an apartment  in an interest-bearing account on the tenant’s behalf. This is the effect of the GFC on interest rates in Germany……

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Stumbled over this couple in an article in (AFAIKR) the Frankfurter Allgemeine about young vintners sometime last year. They have 3ha (which is bugger all) in Stutttgart, limit their yield to achieve better wines and brand them themselves “RUX” (from … Continue reading

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Art, economics and stupidity.

Marianne Heller runs the eponymous ceramics gallery in Heidelberg. Not exactly my tasse de thé (as one says), but she presents good artists and has played a major role in promoting serious ceramics in Germany over the past 35 years. … Continue reading

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Quantative Easing explained

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I think I’ll wait with filling up then…..

This is the Forward Curve oil price for West Texas Intermediate. I’m not quite sure that I believe it….   Here’s the current source (NY Mercantile Exchange)

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How recessions work

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I’ve had people like that working for me…

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The Horror! The Horror!

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