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Signing off

Appears that the official signer was a tad challenged in his skill set. Someone wrote: This is obviously bad and shocking and terrible, but hilarious in its complete crap-ness. Maybe he was doing it in dialect? Or txting, even

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Art, economics and stupidity.

Marianne Heller runs the eponymous ceramics gallery in Heidelberg. Not exactly my tasse de thé (as one says), but she presents good artists and has played a major role in promoting serious ceramics in Germany over the past 35 years. … Continue reading

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Before and after

    1&1 is one of the leading broadband retailers in the German market. They obviously buy their bandwidth from Telekom, the infrastructure monopolist and they’re limited to what Telekom gives them. Which is around 3Mb/s with nothing faster on … Continue reading

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Identity Theft…er Loss 101

3 easy steps Buy this book at Barnes and Noble Use a pen and write down all your account numbers, usernames and passwords Lose it See. Told you it was easy…

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