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1&1 is one of the leading broadband retailers in the German market. They obviously buy their bandwidth from Telekom, the infrastructure monopolist and they’re limited to what Telekom gives them.

Which is around 3Mb/s with nothing faster on the horizon.

Kabel Deutschland

Enter Kabel Deutschland.

We get our TV feed from them and – for €29.90/NZ$50/US$40 a month (with a 30% discount for the first year) – we get

  • up to 32Mb/s
  • No data cap
  • Free national calls
  • Calls to Europe and USA under 10c/minute

!&1 made a valiant attempt to retain me as their longtime (10 year) customer.

They wrote, saying “Give us a call on this regular phone number to let us try and convince you to stay with us….”

Yeah right…


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