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Reasons people pulled the trigger in April 2016

• I had been carrying a concealed gun all day (for which I have a permit), but then when I got home and picked up a toddler the gun was uncomfortable in my waistband, so I tried to remove it. … Continue reading

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I always figured you had to be a bit unbalanced to tip in the first place….

Until I found out what waitresses earn in the US. Which is fuckallandthreepence an hour…..

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Why the USPS will die.

The US Federal Gummint sent me a cheque (they call it a “check”, but anyway..) a while back in compensation for TSA wilfulling damaging stuff during their security checks. Local bank wanted pretty much the face value to process it, … Continue reading

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Whole Foods is schizophrenic

They have a cool sign like this in their Portland, Maine store. But then they ID me for beer. I point out that I’ve been 21 since halfway through the last century and it’s blatantly obvious if they’d just LOOK … Continue reading

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The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language.

  George Bernard Shaw in the 1940s. Still valid today. Ms jb is in Home Depot and asks a sales associate where she can find a toilet. “Now, honey, do you wanna BUY one or USE one?” Er, that would be … Continue reading

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Waitress at Flatbread Pizza in Portsmouth NH

  “Got any questions about the beers?”  (They have around a dozen craft breweries on draft…)  “Yep. How quickly can you get me a (Maine Brewing Company) “Mo” “Time me” she says Fiftyseven seconds. Not the only reason why I … Continue reading

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At the Causeway restaurant….

  ….in Gloucester, MA, this is a CUP of clam chowder.  A BOWL is about the size of a Jacuzzi……

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