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Can one of those mathematicians out there…

Can one of those mathematicians out there...

….tell me WTF this formula is good for?

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>At least this works….

>   This is what happens when you buy prepaid mobile in France. Firt, you try and buy a sim card on a Monday. Bad move. They’re open Saturday which means that they close on Monday as compensation. The next … Continue reading

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>90% won’t notice….

> Grinding illiteracy on display at the National Bank of New Zealand

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>20% of Croation Catholics are atheists?

>According to the 2001 census the majority of Croatians (87.8%) belong to the Roman Catholic Church.  In the Eurostat Eurobarometer Poll of 2005, 67% of the population of Croatia responded that “they believe there is a God”. Good to know…..

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>Bursts into flames? Successfull?

> Xerox’s first successful copier burst into flame so often it came with a fire-extinguisher The rest over at BoingBoing

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>Oh, how bloody generous…

>  The Loop in Weiterstadt gives you sub-dial-up WiFi. Free though…

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>Can someone please answer me 2 questions…..

> Question #1:What does this new alliance actually want to achieve by bombing the crap out of Libya? Question #2: What does the new alliance intend doing in the longterm once they’ve stopped bombing the crap out of Libya? I … Continue reading

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>I don’t believe it!

>The guy who designed THIS (Jon Ives of Apple) drives THIS. Is he a pimp on the side, or what? Just look at those evil alloys. I would have him down as a Saab driver. Man of good taste. Suave. … Continue reading

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>For the benefit of recently arrived Martians

> Seen: guess where….

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>Wot? No tatts?

> I love the Intelligentsia coffee bar on Abbot Kinney in Venice for its singularity of purpose. It serves coffee, tea and croissanty-type stuff. You queue outside, wait for your barista who makes your coffee in front of you, someone … Continue reading

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