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‘Nuff said

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You know you’re in the Luberon #21

….when the Mistral blows all the tiles off church steeples. Oh. They’re built that way so that there are no tiles to blow off? Cue for a song…. Noel Coward was a charmer. As a writer he was brahma. Velvet … Continue reading

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A reason to believe in reincarnation

There’s not really a lot that beats this. One of the comments gets it spot on: No smoke + flash pots…no lasers…no 120-ft video screen…no skanky underdressed backup singers. Why? Because when you’re a talented musician with a tight band … Continue reading

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The face slap, the pelvic thrust, …

Or: In praise of the backing vocalist We all know Merry Clayton’s “Gimme shelter” story from 20 Feet From Stardom Then somehow you stumble over Boz Scaggs reviving “Lido Shuffle” back in 2004 at the Great American Music Hall and … Continue reading

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Henry. Or Henri…?

Some young friends (who I like heaps, btw) had a baby a while back, named him Henry. Bought him a little something (as one does) but thought that – seeing that everyone deserves their own playlist – I could perhaps … Continue reading

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A bet

From Clement Freud “The Inland Revenue decide to audit Cyril, summon him to their office for an appointment with their most thorough auditor, who is not surprised when Cyril arrives with his solicitor. The auditor says: ‘Sir, you cannot deny … Continue reading

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Wait until 3:29

  Prince. RIP

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