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Jürgen Klopp

If you haven’t seen this, you should. Now you know why he’s so good. It’s not a show – he’s really like that…

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Lunch @ Heinrichs – Die Wirtschaft

Beef filet from grass-fed US cattle on a porcini sauce with red wine eschalottes Cod filet on a potato creme with parsley oil and olives This guy can cook….

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Here we go again…..

Photog: Harlad Kaster. Or Harald Kaster. Choose your own spelling – the MAZ can’t make up its mind. It appears to be brain-fart season again…. The Transport Minister is worried that we cyclists are swapping the “cycl” for “anarch” and … Continue reading

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It’s all about ME!

I’ve never been one for self-promotion. A bit shy – always last to be fed in the family, which explains my stunted growth. Mayoral elections in Mainz rolling around in March, a tad hastily after the witch hunt revelations of … Continue reading

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Devonport. World famous in Mainz.

Our local rag…er…shining example of journalistic excellence…er…rag, the Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung never ceases to amaze me. Open the paper this morning, scan past an appallingly bad journalistic effort by Stefanie Widman (who works out that 8 divided by 47 is … Continue reading

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Only in Mainz

Quite an excellent exhibition opening last night in the foyer of the Landtag (State Parliament) in Mainz. inteGRATion über wunden organised by a group of interdisciplinary Mainz  artists under the auspices of GEDOK, the oldest and largest European network for … Continue reading

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