It’s all about ME!

I’ve never been one for self-promotion.
A bit shy – always last to be fed in the family, which explains my stunted growth.

Mayoral elections in Mainz rolling around in March, a tad hastily after the witch hunt revelations of underhand tricks that forced the incumbent to get his snout out of the trough resign.

The assumed shoo-in is this guy – Michael Ebling. Legal training, straight into politics, first city, then state and groomed for the job from Day 1. Slick as a Teflon pan.

Up pops Gunter Beck of the Green Party, currently acting-Mayor, not doing the worst job of trying to sort out Mainz’s chronically deficit-ridden finances and a surprise leader in the polls by a couple of percentage points, albeit with 50% either undecided or blissfully unaware of the elections in the first place. A bit rough around the edges.

Now, having M.E. as your initials is all well and good, but actually USING them in this megalomaniacal manner rubs me (and evidently a bunch of other folk) up the wrong way. (Not that I can vote mind you…)

On the other hand, Gunter Beck was politely described in this morning’s leader in the local rag as being “so self-confident that he can barely walk”

Devil and the deep blue sea, if you ask me….

On the other hand


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1 Response to It’s all about ME!

  1. Kate says:

    Must be hard to be a politician in Mainz; you guys are a tough audience!

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