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Where there’s muck…..

….there’s brass ….er…coppers. Coolest idea going. Take Police uniforms (otherwise destined for the shredder) A designer from one of Germany’s leading outdoor sporting wear companies A sheltered workshop and you’ve got a product that’s flying off the shelves. Prices range … Continue reading

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If it keeps up like this, I’m selling the bloody bike

Not enough that someone politely asks me to “piss off with your bloody bike” as I’m negotiating a shared bikeway-pedestrian precinct at walking pace. And if a sedate-looking lady recommends me to “keep your distance. Arsehole”  as I’m on the … Continue reading

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Here we go again…..

Photog: Harlad Kaster. Or Harald Kaster. Choose your own spelling – the MAZ can’t make up its mind. It appears to be brain-fart season again…. The Transport Minister is worried that we cyclists are swapping the “cycl” for “anarch” and … Continue reading

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They’re drinking our beer over here…

A well-travelled beer on the square in front of Mainz’s cathedral Mapua-Nelson-Auckland-Los Angeles-Frankfurt-Mainz and all in just over a week. Tasted just as good last night when I shared it with Famous Journalist John W. Flower as it did on … Continue reading

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There’s coffee. And then there’s COFFEE….

Take: An untenanted ex-upmarketprelovedclothes shop in a part of town that’s on the verge of becoming funky Basic (as in cardboard cartons for stools, doors as tables) furnishings Top end espresso machine and grinder Blends of coffee that you’ll still … Continue reading

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It’s all about ME!

I’ve never been one for self-promotion. A bit shy – always last to be fed in the family, which explains my stunted growth. Mayoral elections in Mainz rolling around in March, a tad hastily after the witch hunt revelations of … Continue reading

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Only in Mainz

Quite an excellent exhibition opening last night in the foyer of the Landtag (State Parliament) in Mainz. inteGRATion über wunden organised by a group of interdisciplinary Mainz  artists under the auspices of GEDOK, the oldest and largest European network for … Continue reading

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What part of “No” don’t you understand?

Looking for a snazzy rotary peeler from JosephJoseph in a cookery store in Mainz. Ask someone who looks as if they could be in charge whether they stock the JosephJoseph line. “No” Not “We don’t, but maybe I can help … Continue reading

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A day at the Coface Stadium – Nikon F2AS/Nikkor 28mm f/2.8

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A Day at Spektrale 2011

Nikon D7000 Nikkor 18-200

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