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Strolling over the market in Mainz yesterday when a camera crew from one of the national channels pounced and demanded “How do you find Mainz” “Mostly by following the signs on the motorway” I said ” Either that or the … Continue reading

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>Letters to the Editor #3

> If you’re a sports team, the general idea appears to be that you win almost all of your home games and then try and pick up some points away. Mainz 05, the local Second Division (and eternal First Division … Continue reading

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>Sell features, not benefits…

>This is the coolest idea, developed by Mediaman, a software startup in Mainz. You download a minute chunk of software onto your mobile, take a photo of the Semacode matrix on one of six information boards scattered around Mainz and … Continue reading

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>Kurt, you’re such a prick…

>Kurt Beck, Premier of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate and would-be Chancellor, has done it again. Not content with making a fool of himself by claiming that nuclear power generates more greenhouse gases than burning coal, he’s neglected to learn how … Continue reading

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>WTF #2

>The European Convention of the Republican Party in Mainz on Saturday. (More over at MDP) 800 of them vs 2000 right-minded citizens protesting their presence in the city All very peaceful, as you’d expect – a well-structured police line to … Continue reading

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