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>WTF #2

>The European Convention of the Republican Party in Mainz on Saturday. (More over at MDP) 800 of them vs 2000 right-minded citizens protesting their presence in the city All very peaceful, as you’d expect – a well-structured police line to … Continue reading

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>From the sidelines

>Owning up to reading “The Spectator” probably outs me as the right wing, foaming-at-the-mouth conservative that I’m actually not. My (perhaps weak) excuse is that it’s comforting to read about other peoples’ similar experiences in an increasingly frustratingly politically correct … Continue reading

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>The suffocating ignorance

>Meg at Not a woman of few words had a good link to an Radio New Zealand interview with Shelley Gare. the author of Airheads (which I haven’t read, but it comes highly recommended) It recalled Jeffrey Hart’s review of … Continue reading

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