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The Avis scam

This post was originally to let off steam about an obvious attempt to palm me off an obviously damaged car and later ping me for the repair bill. It’s since developed into a running commentary on what appears to be … Continue reading

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>On getting offside

> There are few things that will get you offside quicker in Germany than going to a village butchers 20 minutes before closing and ask for some sliced ham. “Ei, mer habbe doch grad die Maschine saaber g’macht”(Oh no, we’ve … Continue reading

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>Dear Apple


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>Please re frame from blame pointing out

> I’m used to Call Centre monkeys mangling the language As in “…but you may want to re frame from logging in heaps whilst out of the country” But I’d expect more of New York Times White House correspondent, Jeff … Continue reading

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>In the pink

> Visual Economics today treats us to a truly meaningless graphic, purporting to represent “how each country’s employment situation has fared in the downturn” Bollocks. It shows that everyone’s unemployment rate is pretty much the same (with the exception of … Continue reading

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>At least Dick Turpin wore a mask…

>   Talk about highway robbery. The price of petrol/gas shot up from €1.17/litre on Monday (April 20) to €1.26 today (April 23). Given that €0.80 of that are fixed taxes, price variability can only happen in the area above … Continue reading

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>"You seem a little agitated…."

> …said Mr Homeland Security. Agitated? Of course I’m bloody agitated. I’ve checked in in Los Angeles, taken my bags to the TSA screening point, been shouted at because I’ve followed the signs to the (non-existent) screening point for Lufthansa … Continue reading

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  I’m having some work done in New Zealand by a quantity surveyor. I found a couple of discrepancies in his initial estimate, so we had a conference call with him and the architect o clarify things and to discuss … Continue reading

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>Rigor mortis in turdis…

> Or: Gravity ate my hard drive. It wasn’t from a great height and I don’t think it even hit the ground, but the rapid deceleration a) buggered the drive spindleb) severely stuffed the surface of the diskc) probably shagged … Continue reading

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>The day the music died…

> Bit of a problem. My 250GB external drive fell off the desk the other day. In fact, EVERYTHING fell off the desk – Mac mini, USB and Firewire hub and 2 other drives. I managed to grab the monitor… … Continue reading

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