>"You seem a little agitated…."


…said Mr Homeland Security.

Agitated? Of course I’m bloody agitated.

I’ve checked in in Los Angeles, taken my bags to the TSA screening point, been shouted at because I’ve followed the signs to the (non-existent) screening point for Lufthansa passengers, watched my bag be piled on a great heap that appears to have a non-scanned hand search in its future, questioned the logic of same, got the evil eye (but my bag machine-scanned and then hand-searched for my pains), gone through security, where a softly-spoken (for an American) TSA operative is chanting inaudible instructions that no-one can hear, been told to move all my stuff from one conveyor belt to the other (10 meter distant) conveyor belt and then back again, been selected for a hand search (those 180 grams of titanium in Leg 2.0 do it every time…) and then got severely bollocked for expressing a wish to be able to maintain visual contact with my possessions.


Too bloody right I’m agitated.

At least the TSA chappy had the decency to admit that it’s all a sham and it does nothing to stop terrorists.

At least that….

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