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>At least Dick Turpin wore a mask…

>   Talk about highway robbery. The price of petrol/gas shot up from €1.17/litre on Monday (April 20) to €1.26 today (April 23). Given that €0.80 of that are fixed taxes, price variability can only happen in the area above … Continue reading

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>Eh? reloaded

> I was out playing golf with a couple of mates the other day. We’re all a bit audibly challenged – seems to be part of the Old Fart plan that we all appear to have subscribed to –  so … Continue reading

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>Fresh vs. Canned

> Duff mix compared with the canned version, but where else do you get the swagger, the arrogance, the sheer spit-in-your-face, fuck-you aggression…? The Shock of the Lightning – Oasis – The Electric Proms 2008 vs Dig out your soul

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>My kind of doormat

> I actually wanted one that said “Piss Off”, but I was forbidden to buy it. I got my own back, though. I mowed an appropriately vulgar message to the world on a bit of the farm that Management rarely … Continue reading

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>Letters to the Editor #3

> If you’re a sports team, the general idea appears to be that you win almost all of your home games and then try and pick up some points away. Mainz 05, the local Second Division (and eternal First Division … Continue reading

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>Bloody tourists…


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>A new reader writes…..

> SIR – As a recent subscriber to your newspaper, I find that you are a bunch of insufferable know-alls, and there is nothing worse than a know-all who is sometimes right. A.F. BradleyCoupeville, Washington

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>You did what….?

> Video link

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>Decisions, decisions…..


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>Don’t ask me (about Reorganisation)

> from wes johnson on Vimeo. Why does this remind me of every management reorganisation project I’ve ever ben involved with? Much fluttering around, temporary absences and then everyone ends back where there were, with the higher management levels power … Continue reading

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