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Art. Frankfurt

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> A classic from Seth Godin Nobody wears a watch any more. Nobody wears a tie either. Nobody shops at a bookstore, at least nobody I know. The market of nobody is big indeed. You can do really well selling … Continue reading

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>Dream Jobs That You’re Glad You Didn’t Pursue

> Scott C. Reynolds is a collector of broken career dreams. This column examines the life that might have been had he, or you, followed through. Good stuff

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>Tom Petty. 60. Bugger me.

> Ed Marks was my mate Gary’s stepson. He turned up in the summer of 1977 with a Eurorail pass and disappeared for long stretches, returning with obscure albums (“I saw this album that featured Davie Bowie’s drummer’s brother in … Continue reading

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>She’s back!

>Fish and Chips is back from vacation, it appears. Good thing too – I’ve been missing stuff like this… mRNA-seq with agnostic splice site discovery for nervous system transcriptomics tested in chronic pain

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>Stop the world, I want to get off…

> ESRI, a GIS software outfit has worked out what would happen if the world were to stop spinning. Apart from the fact that half the world would be night and you’d be stuck with whichever season you were in … Continue reading

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>In vino veritas

> ….in cervisio felicitas” Wine’s fine but beer drinkers have more fun

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>Who would have th(ink)ed

>   For the parsimonious (or pensioned – same thing) among us, here’s a useful tool (and brilliant graphic) to work out which font will give you the most grunt from your outrageously priced ink cartridges Source: Matthew Robinson Via: … Continue reading

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>Puncos and Incos

>http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=8201309&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1Blu Dot Real Good Experiment from Real Good Chair on Vimeo. via: BoingBoingSource: Shareable.net

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>Now, here’s a treat – reloaded

> This turned up today. What a treat. Tobi Ruhland plays the hammered dulcimer. He’s a DJ on Zündfunk, a “youth/scene” focused program on ever excellent Bayern 2 radio.I’m wildly outside their demographic target market, but I listen anyway…. He … Continue reading

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