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>Two hookers meet in a scrum…

> One says to the other: “What the £$%* do you think you’re locking at” Search engines are funny things. Google “sexy bums” and a post I wrote back in October last year titled “Don’t ask me … (about sexy … Continue reading

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>The Formula That Killed Wall Street

> Given that I once achieved a certain notoriety with a single digit percentage mark in a maths exam (my story: it was a bet to see who could get the lowest mark by giving obviously wrong answers, whilst avoiding … Continue reading

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>Clever clogs

> Met MMTP (My Mate The Professor) for lunch the other day. We were talking about cerebral stuff as you have to do with professors – moaning about the wives, discussing ailments, getting pissed – and we got onto the … Continue reading

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  I’m having some work done in New Zealand by a quantity surveyor. I found a couple of discrepancies in his initial estimate, so we had a conference call with him and the architect o clarify things and to discuss … Continue reading

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>Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder

> Now and again, you’ll stumble across a website that’s eminently worth visiting. is one such site. “This blog is everything about beer, wine, cider, mead and other spirits” it says. That alone earns it a bookmark. With a … Continue reading

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>There is no hope II

> These are the 10 most purchased items in New Zealand supermarkets. Words fail me….

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>The Doddery Chronicles #3

> Simon Lindsay was a road worker on State Highway 3 in New Zealand. His blog – RestArea300 – was a classic. One of the best I’ve read In the blogosphere, he was Doddery Old Fart. He died suddenly in … Continue reading

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> Saab drifted off into receivership today, with not much hope for a long-term recovery. 100,000 cars a year falls a bit short of the critical mass you need to make a profit if you’re in the mass premium market, … Continue reading

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>There is no hope…

> “American” and “cuisine” in the same sentence tends to be the definitive oxymoron. I give you… the Slowburger: A half pound beef patty, gruyere, onion rings, butter lettuce and pickle relish. Greasy fries At least someone’s brave enough to … Continue reading

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>Here we go falling all over ourselves round the mulberry bush

> Portsmouth NH police log Feb. 14  1:17 a.m. — Police gave a verbal warning to a man reported to be “falling all over himself” in the area of Junkins Avenue and South Street. 7:50 a.m. — A woman on Broad … Continue reading

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