>The Doddery Chronicles #3


Simon Lindsay was a road worker on State Highway 3 in New Zealand.

His blog – RestArea300 – was a classic. One of the best I’ve read

In the blogosphere, he was Doddery Old Fart. He died suddenly in May 2007

His blog’s offline now, but there are some pure gems tucked away in there.

Thanks to Chrissie, Alex and Jane for letting me share them

Monday, January 22, 2007

Things I Learned Today (42)

It is not a good idea to read the instruction sheet to your new chainsaw sharpening gadget in the bath.

Chickens can climb trees and like plums.

Putting too high a wattage halogen bulb in a bedside lamp creates an art object that smells.

Pictures of walls is an interesting site.

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  1. robincapper says:

    >I loved Doddery’s view of the world. Always worth a visit and, sad as it was, his last post still seems appropriate. Is heaven a big digger park?http://rcd.typepad.com/personal/2007/06/a_tribute_to_do.html

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