Saab drifted off into receivership today, with not much hope for a long-term recovery.

100,000 cars a year falls a bit short of the critical mass you need to make a profit if you’re in the mass premium market, even if your key market segment does comprise “eccentric individualists”.

(As the “Economist” so delicately puts it.)

We must be REALLY eccentric.

We have 2 – a 9.3 hatchback and a 9.3 turbocharged convertible.

When I got home from the dealer, I said “This. Is. ThenicestcarI’veeverdriven” and I haven’t changed my mind in 10 years and after 200,000km.

OK, so most dealers are naff – “Well, if the air conditioning’s making a noise now that we’ve fixed it, then the fact that it didn’t make a noise before is proff that it was broken…”, (and  of course “Saab” is the acronym for “Shit, Another Astronomical Bill”) but now I’ve got Roland “I had a look at the spark plugs and cleaned them up, so you don’t need any new ones” Rother as my mechanic, it’s been plain sailing.

I have absolutely NO idea what to buy when they stop making them.

It must be me.

Hired a Saturn in the States once and figured that if I HAD to buy an American car, this would be it.

They’ve stopped making them, too.

Eccentric individualists….

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2 Responses to >Dinosaab

  1. robincapper says:

    >I’m differently eccentric but my fave brand, Fiat, escaped the GM decline. Don’t know if it will help them survive but at least they are making their own decisions.If you haven’t already seen it you might like this blog on things Saab;http://www.saabsunited.com/

  2. badmanners says:

    >Still make Saturns, but they aren’t the car they were ten years ago. Hell, ten years ago they weren’t the car people thought they were…

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