>The day the music died…


Bit of a problem.

My 250GB external drive fell off the desk the other day.

In fact, EVERYTHING fell off the desk – Mac mini, USB and Firewire hub and 2 other drives.

I managed to grab the monitor…

Variations in the geode, as far as I can work out.

Everything works fine. Except for one drive.

It just goes “beep, beep, beep, beep” and then stops trying to boot.

It had about 180GB of music on it.

That’s around 35,000 tracks which isn’t really a big deal, but there’s a whole bunch of really good stuff from bloggy friends plus all the Mix’n’Match tapes and old vinyl that I’ve digitised. Podcasts. Videoclips from YouTube.

Got the forensic folk assessing the retrievability at the mo and it poses the obvious question: Just how much is this stuff worth?

They’ve given me a bandwidth of €600-€2500

For what it’s worth.

Queue for a song – Buffalo Springfield, 1967 off the eponymous album.

I’d play it for you.

If I had any music left…..

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