Here we go again…..

Photog: Harlad Kaster. Or Harald Kaster. Choose your own spelling – the MAZ can’t make up its mind.

It appears to be brain-fart season again….

The Transport Minister is worried that we cyclists are swapping the “cycl” for “anarch” and proceeding to terrorise the populace.

Their new name for us is “Kampfradler” – Cycle Warriors

We appear to do little else than run red lights, ride at great speed through pedestrian precincts and generally piss people off.

Fines are MUCH too low and we should all have license plates.

Local rag, the Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung, gets on the bandwagon with an article this morning titled “Hardly any problems with cycle warriors” coupled with posed (confirmed by the reporter) images of “Cycle Warriors thrashing through a pedestrian precinct and frightening pedestrians.”

Except it isn’t a pedestrian precinct  – reporter says ” Oh…” – and the shutter speed is set so slow (to give the impression of speed –  reporter says “You’ll have to talk to the photographer…”) that even the CLOUDS are blurred….

The article, of course, is completely the opposite of the tag line – municipal traffic chappy says that no-one’s complained to him, people are making a mountain out of a molehill and everybody should get a life.

And a “dedicated pedestrian” (probably one these bloody pensioners…) says that there are “more of us.”

Wonder what they would have said about this:

Targa Florio – 800km of public highways at an average speed of 114km/h…..

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