Only in Mainz

Quite an excellent exhibition opening last night in the foyer of the Landtag (State Parliament) in Mainz.

über wunden

organised by a group of interdisciplinary Mainz  artists under the auspices of GEDOK, the oldest and largest European network for women artists.

The usual inanely droning politician, followed by an address that I couldn’t hear and concluded by Dolores Hackenberg, curator of the exhibition, with a stunningly good introduction.

Plus …75,76,77 …, a performance by Youn Ok Ou.
Also excellent.

Last night, the sculptures were still large blocks of ice, enclosing objects at their core.

Over the next 48 hours, they’ll do their ephemeral thing and we’ll be able to experience them as they begin to reveal their secrets.

What’s that?

We WON’T be able to see them again until next Monday? Until the ice has completely melted?

Because there’s no public access during parliamentary sessions?

Now, if THAT’s not excellent planning..

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  1. Great planning indeed ! 🙂

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