The face slap, the pelvic thrust, …


In praise of the backing vocalist

We all know Merry Clayton’s “Gimme shelter” story from 20 Feet From Stardom

Then somehow you stumble over Boz Scaggs reviving “Lido Shuffle” back in 2004 at the Great American Music Hall and get blown away by his 2 backing singers, taking his high notes for him and the feigned face slap at 3:36.

Which time-transports you back to 1976 and the release of “Silk Degrees”.

A seriously good piece of film-making, tracking from studio rehearsal via truck to the gig, roadie setup through to the concert, with the precociously talented Jeff Porcaro (yep, Toto, “Africa”, sorry about that, David…) on drums and 3 backing vocalists with ALL the moves.

Check out 3:03 for the joyous synchronised pelvic thrust.

Doesn’t get much better…



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