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>These people just crack me up….

> On a fairly fruitless search in SoCal for an iPad 2 for Ms jb. Ask one of the Apple experts standing next to a sign saying “We’re sold out today, but ask one of our experts about how you … Continue reading

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>Have I understood this correctly?

> Saw this at the Mtakana market on Saturday and I thought “How are they going to send fresh whitebait fritters to the South Island. And the rest of the North Island for that matter? And how much do they … Continue reading

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Real estate agents aren’t meant to be like this. They’re inevitably snake oil salesmen, promise you the world and give you nothing. Lydia Heyward of Richmond is different. She’s straight-forward, reliable and nice. (I lived in fear for a while … Continue reading

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These people are idiots

> You order a satnav device, pay for shipping and expect  – at the least – a modicum of intelligence in packing it for shipping. This is how it arrived. It’s probably experienced the equivalent of  being picked up and … Continue reading

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>He’s either extremely stupid….

> … or extemely crafty and sly. Karl Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg is Germany’s Defence Minister. Bright as a button, young (turns 40 this year), high flying politician. Such a … Continue reading

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>Hunter S. Thompson meets O’Reilly


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> …you cretins. Offer me a product that supports English and German and then tell me that it’s not available in the German App Store? You also offer to redirect me to the US Store where I can’t even download … Continue reading

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>They all look the same to me, says the NYT

> The New York Times featured Bangkok in its (actually quite good) “36 hours in…” series a while back Friday 5:30 p.m. 1) DRINKS AT SUNSET The Chao Phraya River, with its constantly running ferries, water taxis, long-tail boats and … Continue reading

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>Free market capitalism

> Take this example: heartless people raising the price of water during disasters. We call this price gouging and we stop it. But why? Why do we stop free-market capitalism from doing its job? Demand for water spikes and supply … Continue reading

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>A woman in senior management…?

> Get rid of her immediately and sack the bastard who employed her. The new organisational chart at Lufthansa’s passenger airline

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