Why the USPS will die.


The US Federal Gummint sent me a cheque (they call it a “check”, but anyway..) a while back in compensation for TSA wilfulling damaging stuff during their security checks.

Local bank wanted pretty much the face value to process it, so research came up with option of cashing it in the USA at a post office.

Printed out the USPS website and fronted up at the post office in Kittery, Maine the other day.

“I don’t think we cash those” looking with grave suspicion at a US Treasury cheque.

“I’m sure you do” I said ” It says so here and it tells you what to do. I endorse the cheque….”

“That’s CHECK” she butted in. “With CK”

“I endorse the CHECK, you compare my signature and give me the money”

“Less the $4 cheque cashing fee” she says.

So ONE federal agency charges money to process a cheque from ANOTHER federal agency?

And they charge more than WALMART charges…..?

Need to send off  a package, too.

Go on their website and prices start off at $65 or something stupid for a small, light package.

Mind you, it does get there yesterday….

But if you’re not time-sensitive (but price-aware), you can work your way through drop-down list after drop-down list to where common-or-garden shipping costs around $9.

And takes about a year.

Now, if I see $65, I’d think “Well, I might as well use FedEx” and most folk won’t get past the $30 service and think “Well, I might as well use UPS”

These people are so stupid……

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