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A morning at the Portsmouth NH Farmers’ Market

What, no Emma? We think she’s in college. Skyler’s a more than adequate substitute, though

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Waitress at Flatbread Pizza in Portsmouth NH

  “Got any questions about the beers?”  (They have around a dozen craft breweries on draft…)  “Yep. How quickly can you get me a (Maine Brewing Company) “Mo” “Time me” she says Fiftyseven seconds. Not the only reason why I … Continue reading

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A day in Boston. An evening in Gloucester

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At the Causeway restaurant….

  ….in Gloucester, MA, this is a CUP of clam chowder.  A BOWL is about the size of a Jacuzzi……

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I think I might be back in the USA….

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Top of their game….

You might like the Eagles. You might not. I did for the longest time until they started taking 2 years to produce a record and DAYS to get a single drum pattern right. (Read “Is it rolling, Bob?” to get … Continue reading

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My friend used to say….

“America is run by 100,000 really smart people. The rest are just sheep” This stamp is a classic: Round, because even your dimmest employees will recognise that it’s for international mail. And doesn’t need an airmail sticker. Undenominated, because it … Continue reading

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“Is it rolling, Bob?”

Bob Johnston, record producer to Bob Dylan and others, died the other day at 83. He replaced Tom Wilson on “Highway 61” (but not before the latter produced “Like a Rolling Stone) From the Telegraph’s obituary: Despite being told by … Continue reading

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Why I’m not allowed to cook dinner anymore…


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