A morning at the Portsmouth NH Farmers’ Market

D7K_9169 D7K_9171 D7K_9172 D7K_9178 D7K_9180 D7K_9182 D7K_9185 D7K_9187 D7K_9191 D7K_9195

D7K_9198 D7K_9179 D7K_9177 D7K_9175 D7K_9174 D7K_9196 D7K_9199

D7K_9201 D7K_9202 D7K_9204 D7K_9205

What, no Emma?

We think she’s in college.

Skyler’s a more than adequate substitute, though

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3 Responses to A morning at the Portsmouth NH Farmers’ Market

  1. Kate says:

    Wonderful and colorful market photos. I want the Pure Maple Syrup; take it home with you–nothing can compare. Getting ready to go to ours this a. m. to get luscious tomatoes and corn for salads and corn chowder. Have a good Sunday!! Later today I’ll toast you with a Surley Hell!

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