A day at Portsmouth Farmers’ Market

Featuring the lovely Emma Mullen at Zach’s Farm.

A year older, a year prettierD7K_5993 D7K_5994 D7K_5996 D7K_5997 D7K_5998 D7K_6000 D7K_6001 D7K_6002 D7K_6003 D7K_6004 D7K_6007 D7K_6010 D7K_6011 D7K_6014 D7K_6021 D7K_6024 D7K_6025 D7K_6026 D7K_6027 D7K_6028

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2 Responses to A day at Portsmouth Farmers’ Market

  1. Great pictures, JB.
    I’ve wanted to go to Maine since I was a kid and I had a storybook about it. “A Summer in Maine,” I think. Something like that.

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