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Ralph Steadman’s dream pair

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Hop Federation Rakau IPA

REALLY nice….

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Fruits et Légumes Moches

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Dinner @ Civitas, Nierstein…

Lentil cream soup with scallops (just like the bloody Americans, they cut off the roe…) Handkäse (look it up – an acquired taste) tartare Cod with roast Mediterranean vegetables Rump steak with chanterelles Creme Brulé Plus copious quantities of wine, … Continue reading

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Palpable anger

HT @DavidSlack

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Goals. Flipbooked.

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Rob Fyfe, Air New Zealand ex-CEO

You’ll learn more about leadership and innovation from this that you will from any text-book. Air New Zealand had me lined up for a senior role in their organisation late in the last millennium. If Rob Fyfe had been CEO … Continue reading

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Siegerflieger in Berlin

ATC clearance for a low (1000m) level run over the Fanmeile, waggles the wings in greeting. Megacool

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Stats don’t lie: Toni Kroos was the best player in Brazil, but Lionel Messi wasn’t even in the top ten

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How time flies….

Catherine Yass has been nominated for a Turner Prize. Her plan to drop a piano off the top of a 27-storey building in London, as a way to allow the community to “explore how sound travels”, has been vetoed by … Continue reading

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