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…Ms YMBFA hadn’t torn  ligaments and suffered a Weber A fracture of the ankle two weeks back, I would be at this concert. I would have flown to Boston, today hired a car, driven up to Portsmouth, stayed at the … Continue reading

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Socialised medicine in Germany

At 6am one Friday morning, you think that there are 7 steps down to the living room, but in fact there are 8. End up on the the floor with a lump the size of a grapefruit on the outside … Continue reading

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It’s windy today

No it’s not, it’s Thursday. So am I. Let’s have a beer. If you want to avoid bad jokes and deaf oldies, go here. Real time, interactive Quite stunning.

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You look armless enough…..

…why don’t you fly the airplane…” You really couldn’t make this up….. Pilot lost control of plane when artificial arm became detached Flybe has instigated a number of extra safety checks after one of its pilots lost control of a … Continue reading

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Missing Robin Williams

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You know you’re in New England…

…when Tom at Bullmoose Records in Portsmouth NH says “I’m pretty sure I signed you up for membership last year” And he’d be right. When you go to an open air performance of Shakespeare’s “A Comedy of Errors” in Prescott … Continue reading

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You know you’re in America…

…when these are “1/4 Kiddie” size ice creams. Two scoops. “Normal” size is a 5 scoop monstrosity. Then again – what’s normal around here…? Hodgies’s ice cream parlour in Amesbury, MA

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The Germans are coming! The Germans are coming!

Not satisfied with getting up before dawn to claim loungers at the swimming pools in Mallorca,  they’re now pissing off the good people of  Portsmouth, NH…

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A day at Portsmouth Farmers’ Market

Featuring the lovely Emma Mullen at Zach’s Farm. A year older, a year prettier

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A day at Lowell’s Boat Shop, Amesbury MA

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