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…Ms YMBFA hadn’t torn  ligaments and suffered a Weber A fracture of the ankle two weeks back, I would be at this concert.

I would have flown to Boston, today hired a car, driven up to Portsmouth, stayed at the Marriott, had a late lunch at the Black Birch in Kittery, driven up to Portland, had pre-concert oysters at Eventide, seen the concert, driven back to Portsmouth and finished off the evening at the Portsmouth Brewery.

Because of this

As it is, I’m stuck here, emptying bedpans.

Not that I mind, of course

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3 Responses to If…..

  1. Buy some good beer, turn the lights off & the stereo up loud.

  2. “Free Fallin’.” The best.

  3. I moved to LA in 1988. Free Fallin’ came out in 1989. This is the San Fernando Valley I lived in then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lWJXDG2i0A

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