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Glass half full

Lagavulin. 12 Year. Soon to be empty….

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How Volkswagen Just Squandered 55 Years of Great Advertising

As recently as 2014, VW carried a goodwill valuation of $23 billion on its balance sheet. While goodwill is an intangible asset (it represents the difference between a company’s hard assets—cash, plants and equipment, and inventory—and its market value, which … Continue reading

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If Smartphones Were Designed Like Power Tools

As I’ve said time and again, I hate that talented smartphone designers produce beautiful glass rectangles that we have to bury inside bulky protective cases, obscuring the design details they slaved over. I’d much rather the protection was built in … Continue reading

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Mug of the Month – Nanna Beyer

I do websites for ceramicists I like and whose company I enjoy. One of these – new on board – is Armin Skirde in Höhr-Grenzhausen. I was up there on Wednesday for a photo-shoot and do some last-minute work on … Continue reading

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“My name’s Jesse Horn and I make firewood

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Why boat refugees don’t fly

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Teabowl of the Month (to the power of 2)

Both by Michael Sälzer, inspired ceramicist and friend. The one on the left is an example of the work for which he’s renowned (he’s a member of the – by invitation only- International Academy of Ceramicists). Salt-glazed stoneware. The bowl … Continue reading

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Playing to infinity

I watched this game as the only New Zealander surrounded by Irish supporters in an Irish pub in Mainz. Ireland was 19-0 up after 18 minutes (which itself put me into a state of shock that was only relieved by … Continue reading

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A day in Southern Germany


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British racists

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