Playing to infinity

I watched this game as the only New Zealander surrounded by Irish supporters in an Irish pub in Mainz.

Ireland was 19-0 up after 18 minutes (which itself put me into a state of shock that was only relieved by a couple of quick pints and hyper-ventilating…) but the All Blacks just kept pushing and pushing and pushing.

Into extra time. (In rugby, the clock runs until the ball goes into touch, points are scored or if there’s an infringement)

Bayern Munich’s the team known for getting jammy penalties (as in: yesterday against Augsburg) or scoring in the last seconds of a game.

Manchester United is the same.

Without the jammy penalties.

What makes these teams different?

And successful?

They all play as if the game lasts 10 minutes longer than regular time.

In fact, they don’t even KNOW what the time is.

They’re actually playing to infinity

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