Teabowl of the Month (to the power of 2)


Both by Michael Sälzer, inspired ceramicist and friend.

The one on the left is an example of the work for which he’s renowned (he’s a member of the – by invitation only- International Academy of Ceramicists).

Salt-glazed stoneware.

The bowl on the right wasn’t for sale.

His wife (equally renowned ceramicist and painter) Beate Thiesmeyer (in the background) took it out of the dishwasher to show me a new body of work he’s experimenting with, this being the first piece.

Earthenware, low-fired, white slip base with a delicate green glaze.

It was mine the second I saw it.

It flows.

You can feel the way that he threw it.

You can sense the dynamics and the way that the lip decided that it wanted to be JUST LIKE THAT.

The glaze is almost like a veil.

This is such a fucking good pot.

Fucking GREAT pot.

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2 Responses to Teabowl of the Month (to the power of 2)

  1. Take a deep breath, sit down, another breath – now repeat after me “Its just a pot” 🙂

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