Mug of the Month – Nanna Beyer


I do websites for ceramicists I like and whose company I enjoy.

One of these – new on board – is Armin Skirde in Höhr-Grenzhausen.

I was up there on Wednesday for a photo-shoot and do some last-minute work on his website – also for a chat with “The Girls”  ( to try and get them organised – and he served me tea in a mug that stunned.

It’s by Nanna Beyer, a Finnish artist currently living in Tasmania.

Porcelain, rolled and overlapped at the seam, glazed inside and  with a handle that takes a bit of getting used to.

I think the technique is nerikomi – I have a similar espresso cup by Karen Orsillo that I bought in Portland, Maine close to 20 years ago

He had 3, reckoned he only needed two and if he took them home they’d only get broken and insisted that I take this one.

I protested – just because I ADMIRE something doesn’t mean I WANT it – but to no avail.

These are people I like working with….

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