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So now you know….

“Flotsam” is floating wreckage, “jetsam” is cargo that is purposely thrown overboard, “lagan” is goods lying at the bottom of the ocean but reclaimable, and “derelict” is cargo at the bottom of the ocean but lost. Oh, and a collision … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams

“Sweet Dreams” was one of the first 45s I bought when I went to England in the late 60s of the recently departed millennium. Possibly saw it on Top of the Pops, certainly heard it on the radio and was … Continue reading

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Bloody hell…..

The Washington Post and ABC News polled Republican voters on their presidential candidate preference. This just beggars belief.

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There is something seriously wrong…..

…with people who think that this is sensible politics. Almost 60% of the area of the ENTIRE country out of reach for families on welfare. Lots of job opportunities out on the Yorkshire Moors …… The full story here:

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“Give my money to millionaires….”

…and I don’t give a fuck about you.” Great busking stuff, in the best tradition of Billy Bragg

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Even 67…..

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Greek tragedy

This is how it works: find someone/s in a previous Greek government with a high degree of dodginess, bung them unmercifully to ramp up the purchase price (the more they spend, the more bung they get…) and all of a … Continue reading

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Did anyone pay any attention to this?

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Choice stuff from the Guardian

117th over: Australia 424-3 (Voges 24, Smith 168) Short, rank rubbish from Ali to Smith, who stands there, waits a while, has a cigarette, downloads the new Wilco album, listens to it (it’s only 35 minutes), goes for a comfort … Continue reading

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It must be the weather

This picture doesn’t actually scream out “WE ARE LEATHER CHESTERFIELD SOFAS”, right? This picture was featured in the classified ads of the local paper yesterday – a bit smaller, resolution nothing to write home about, but clearly fabric. And not … Continue reading

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