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FAQs for twins


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Smith & Wollensky is the latest big-name steakhouse to cross the pond. Pity it didn’t sink on the way…

Stunningly acerbic restaurant review from the Guardian ” We are told there is an option to take left-overs home. We choose not to. The last thing we want, as we walk out the door, is to take any part of … Continue reading

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The difference between Germany and New Zealand

The Gaustrasse in Mainz hosts Germany’s steepest (non-funicular) tram incline at a bit over 9%. It also hosts a really good street festival in mid-July (i.e. today) which does involve a certain amount of nimbleness to avoid said trams, but … Continue reading

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Luck of the draw

Cedar City is a town in Utah, population of 20,000. Staying at the Super 8 motel back in 1988, channel surfing, stumbled over a college  TV station playing Steve Earle. Probably this video. Bought Exit 0 next day and pretty … Continue reading

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Evidently the black sheep of the family….

Dear Friend, With due respect to your person and much sincerity of purpose . I have a business proposal which I will like to handle with you. $35 million USD is involves. But be rest assured that everything is legal … Continue reading

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Happy belated July 4th.

Or is it Pearl Harbour Day….? This happened in San Diego in 2012 – 15 minutes of fireworks in 15 seconds. Shurely shome mishtake…

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Cakes I have known

Ms jb’s raspberry torte. Then there’s this one via Reddit “My best friend loves swans so I made her a swan cake. She told me never to make her a cake again.” But the best one is this – also … Continue reading

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So that’s how it works….

But why do I keep falling off on the way home from pub…?

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             My father-in-law – retired farmer – has a useful array of neglected agricultural tools. I figured that I could use them, either here or at the cottage in New Zealand. All you need is citric acid. … Continue reading

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