The difference between Germany and New Zealand

DSCN0334The Gaustrasse in Mainz hosts Germany’s steepest (non-funicular) tram incline at a bit over 9%.

It also hosts a really good street festival in mid-July (i.e. today) which does involve a certain amount of nimbleness to avoid said trams, but it attracts hordes of people who rate the funky/hip/interesting/traditional shops that live there.

And everything’s just so laid back.

My friend Paul Bonna runs the Kaffee Kommune in the Breidenbacher Strasse.

Top-end espressi (no surprises there – he’s one of the top barista in Germany…), but he really outdoes himself with cold brew-based cocktails.

He gets a liquor license with no problems – none of this provincial New Zealand hooha about risk-management/crowd control/restricted areas for kiddies/outrageous fees/alcohol management plans

The plan should describe how you propose to deal with matters such as security, monitoring the crowd, interacting with local residents, and public health issues.”

Everyone just sits around, as cool as, no rowdiness, nothing.

They certainly – the cocktails, that is – certainly punched a kick.

This one was cold brew with tonic and vodka.

Now matter how how mush I tried, couldn’t gerrit in foocus

No idea how mush Paul poureddd in ther, but I shurely dint drove hime….


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  1. The panorama tells the story. Glad you dint drove hime.

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