My father-in-law – retired farmer – has a useful array of neglected agricultural tools.

I figured that I could use them, either here or at the cottage in New Zealand.

All you need is citric acid.

Cheap as chips, buy it anywhere.

Make a solution of 50gm of citric acid powder per litre, dump the rusty stuff  (Image #1) in and leave it in there for 24 hours.

After which it’ll look like Image #2 – rust at the bottom of the bowl

Wipe the grunge off and you’ve got Image #3.

Put a wire brush attachment on your cordless drill and it’ll take you no more that 5 minutes to having it look like Images # 4 and 5.

Some people spray the finished product with WD40, but I’ve been using Waxoyl for over 40 years. 

Penetrates crevices, neutralises any rust it finds and isn’t oily or greasy.

It’s a good feeling, bringing back quality tools from the brink…..


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2 Responses to Restoration

  1. Those will set the airport scanners off 🙂

  2. Very nice. I’ve got a few things on which to try this.

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