It must be the weather


This picture doesn’t actually scream out “WE ARE LEATHER CHESTERFIELD SOFAS”, right?

This picture was featured in the classified ads of the local paper yesterday – a bit smaller, resolution nothing to write home about, but clearly fabric.

And not a mention of “Leder” in the ad.

Chap calls up, likes the price, asks me to hold them until 3, he’s on his way.

“Oh” he says ” I thought they were leather. Never mind, I’ll take them anyway, here’s the money if you could give me a receipt, I’ll be round tomorrow with a trailer”

Get a call this morning, wife – having looked at the picture – doesn’t like the look of ’em, can he have his money back, please. €50 for my troubles.


(And this guy isn’t your typical eBay idiot – he runs a guest house and restaurant and breeds Camargue horses)

Same day.

Up fronts eBay Idiot.

He’s just bought my old iMac 27″ for close to €600.

“Dear Sir” he writes “Would you please absorb the shipping costs, I’m financially stretched?”

The shipping costs aren’t even 3% of the selling price…

“Sorry” I write back “I’m financially stretched, too. Otherwise I wouldn’t be selling it…”

Bloody hell……

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1 Response to It must be the weather

  1. Kate says:

    You are a better businessman (person?) than I could ever be. (Note: no exclamation marks; I’m boycotting them).

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