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Sailing close to the wind…..

Especially after she says ” STOP!” at 00:54

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Michael Clarke

Most of the people reading this will have no idea what it’s all about, but here we go anyway. Michael Clarke is the current Australian cricket captain, retiring at the end of the current tour of England, badly out of … Continue reading

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You know you’re in France……

….. when a small-ish supermarket in a small town just over the border has heritage (Black Crimean) tomatoes in the veggie section and the till automatically sorts and groups the wine you’ve bought into appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) – controlled … Continue reading

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Ich kenne nichts…

This ties in with the “Best concert? Close” post from the other day. My friend Petrea wrote: What a pleasure. I watched the whole thing; don’t need subtitles because I love listening to languages. All of them. And the music … Continue reading

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Best concert? Close….

Hubert von Goisern is an Austrian musician, giving traditional folk music a harder, rockier edge. It goes under the genre of Alpenrock – Alpine Rock. Excellent live band, but nothing quite as memorable as the Mainz concert in 2008. The … Continue reading

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Italians! What do you expect…..?

   “With washing comes [sic] occasional holes. Embrace the holes as character not as flaws.    And people pay astronomical sums of money for this? After 39 years, I thought I was immune. Appears not. Fuck me……

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Ivor Bolokov, the lopsided Russian

Mr Hafiz is the Telex Manager somewhere and has got his hands on almost a million quid that he wants to share with me. This could be an interesting conversation. (He’s blue, I’m red) Dear, I have an important issue … Continue reading

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Ianduringly delightful

When you stumble over stuff like this, you realise how much you miss Ian Dury. I do. anyway Stunningly witty lyrics, all very tongue-in-cheek. And what a lovely man in this Parkinson interview. One of the nicest things he did … Continue reading

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Microsoft, you are SO bloody useless…..

Finally see the light and migrate from XP to Windows 8.1 (€120 in Germany vs $200 in the USA, strangely enough…). Localise it with the English language pack and….immediately get confronted with a welcome screen in …….German. Better still, all … Continue reading

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A day in Maikammer – Annual Plant Market


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