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>Multiple choice

> More than one answer may be correct I will vote for John Key/Phil Goff 1 When he tells the nation that Fred Dagg’s “We don’t know how lucky we are” was and remains a parody and is not a … Continue reading

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>Idiots all

> Angele Merkel’s centre-right CDU party is about to get comprehensively stuffed in two major state elections his weekend. Totally deserved. Rhineland-Palatinate (my patch) is pretty much a shoo-in for Kurt Beck, the rustic incumbent with street paddock-creds, despite an … Continue reading

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>Current events

> Courtesy of Political Irony

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>How to lose an election. Reloaded.

> Given that I was (pretty much) spot-on 4 years ago, they should save their money, get rid of all those pollsters and listen to me. Angela Merkel’s at serious risk of buggering it up. Again. The elections on 27 … Continue reading

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>Not being nasty, or anything…

> …but I’ve been wondering all along whom Michael Hartmann, the SPD candidate for Mainz in next week’s general election reminds me of. (That’s him on the right, by the way. Or is it the left. Not sure. The one … Continue reading

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>No wonder….

> …everyone’s in such a tizz in the States when it comes to health care. Just look at the text of America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (HR3200) “Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits … Continue reading

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>Deja vu. All over again

> Play it fucking loud, Barack. It’s the only way they’ll hear it. Great words (as ever) from Clive Crook here

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>Arse. Elbow.

> So if I’ve got this right, the Linke party, a cesspit of disenchanted Marxists, East German ex-communists and sundry other malcontents, wants  Wealth for all Poster on the left after which they’re going to  Tax wealth Poster on the … Continue reading

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>Four down……

> ……four to go. This is John Kotter’s 8 Point plan for change management that he first published in the Harvard Business Review and then in his 1995 book “Managing Change”  Step One: Create Urgency Step Two: Form a Powerful … Continue reading

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>I knew it would be my fault…..


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