>Four down……


……four to go.

This is John Kotter’s 8 Point plan for change management that he first published in the Harvard Business Review and then in his 1995 book “Managing Change”
Step One: Create Urgency

Step Two: Form a Powerful Coalition

Step Three: Create a Vision for Change

Step Four: Communicate the Vision

Step Five: Remove Obstacles

Step Six: Create Short-term Wins

Step Seven: Build on the Change

Step Eight: Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture

Step 6 is easy enough.

It’s the other 3 that are tricky.

And Step 8 is a real bugger.

In the corporate world, anyway.

I had a fairly emotional discussion with my Group CEO about the need to make EVERYONE understand that – if they’re away from their desk – phone calls get forwarded or go to voice mail.

I was banging on about how people need to UNDERSTAND the need for it – changing corporate culture, if you will.

“Don’t need that” he says “I’ll just order them to do it.”

No, it doesn’t work like that….

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